Stainless Steel Supplies

At Digital Green Room LTD much of our Stainless Steel Box Section, Sheet, Hollow Section Tube and Flat Bar is pre-polished to various, industry-standard finishes and is available for immediate dispatch. If you’re looking for a premium stainless steel stockholder in the UK, look no further.

As one of our most popular metal products, we stock large quantities of different grades of Stainless Steel items so we can ensure your order, large or small, is dispatched immediately. For a full list of sizes for specific products, select the stainless steel section you require from the top menu. We distribute to both UK and international customers with a fast turnaround.

We also offer a first-class cutting service to suit your business or domestic needs.

For more information on our Stainless Steel supplies, please take a look at our menu options above.

If you have any questions please contact our friendly team on +44 000 0000 000.

Here are some general details about the grades and finishes our stainless supplies are available in:
Common Finishes

For flat rolled stainless steel, standard mill finishes can achieved by either rollers or by mechanical abrasives. We first roll the steel to the chosen size and thickness, then it is annealed to change the properties of the end product. The process of pickling removes any surface oxidation, at which point the steel is ready for any final finishing you may require:

Brushed Finish Retaining some but not all of its metallic lustre, this process gives stainless steel a unique look with a pattern of fine, scratched, parallel lines.
Satin Finish This process involves softer scratch-brushing which results in a soft sheen.
Mirror Polish For when you’re after highly polished reflective finish.
Hot Rolled (HR) Annealed (for thicker plates).
Hot Rolled (HR) Annealed and passivated.
Cold Rolled (CR) Annealed, pickled and passivated with an additional pass-through highly polished rollers.
Bright Anneal (BA) The steel is pickled and passivated with a further pass-through highly polished rollers, before being Bright Annealed under Oxygen-free conditions.
Bead Blast Finish This would be best described as a frosted finish.
Plastic Coated (PC1) Plastic coating is typically used to protect the finish on stainless steel sheets. It involves bonding a thin protective plastic film over one surface of the steel using rollers.
Plastic Coated (PC2) Like PC1, but the thin protective plastic film coating is bonded over both the surfaces of the steel.

We have the different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment to which the material will be subjected in its lifetime.


Defined as “a steel alloy with a minimum of 11.5% chromium content by mass”, contrary to what people would understandably think, stainless steel is not 100% stain proof, but it does corrode, rust and stain less than normal untreated steel. It’s characteristic resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance requirements, relative good value and familiar lustre make it the ideal material for a myriad of diverse commercial uses.